A Software Development Company With Unique Solutions

Chilli Source is a software development company, based in Kloof, operating on a national and international level to give clients the
very best in
manufacturing software. A unique software solution that is designed to give you tight control over your factory.


Through easier access to information, as well as accurate and instantaneous reporting, you can get a real-time
snapshot of your factory’s orders, work-in-progress, scheduling, procurement, stock levels and much more.


With this kind of high-performing manufacturing software you can oversee everything from one place and easily identify potential
issues before they develop into bigger problems. Chilli Source’s
Chilli Nova & ShoePack softwares can help you turn inefficiencies into efficiencies.
You have the power to drive profits, meet targets and deliver orders on time with a solution that saves you time and money.


Imagine working with a software development company that gives you more. Chilli Source offers integratable software
solutions to fit your company’s scale and budget, with minimal start-up costs and affordable month-to-month rental.


Our software is an asset to any factory that undertakes batch manufacturing – track orders as they make
way through the factory, from planning, all the way to the completed stock, ready to be dispatched. 


Our software products will help you boost your overall business performance with:


✓ Increased productivity

✓ Greater efficiency

✓ Minimal delays

✓ Reduced lead times


It is manufacturing software that allows you to easily process various styles and sizes of items, with our multi-level Bill of Materials
that filters down to planning. A feature that helps you maximise raw materials and accurately manage the procurement process.


If you are looking for a software development company with the right manufacturing software to help you streamline your processes
and unify all business departments, from procurement, production planning, stock control, to sales and accounts,
contact us today.