Manufacturing Solutions Across All Industries

Chilli Source Development’s product range now extends into all types of manufacturing from accessories, shoes, bags, clothing and much more. Chilli Nova is a Chilli Source Development product that incorporates manufacturing solutions and tools for your factory to run productively.

Manufacturing Solutions

Key Features

  • Integrated size grid
  • Unlimited multi-level bill of materials (sub-assemblies)
  • Material and yield by size
  • Price by size
  • Real time MRP
  • Real time WIP
  • Variable units of measure
  • Multi currency


  • Fully integrated
  • Easy to implement
  • Flexible setup options
  • Enables proactive utilisation of staff
  • Ease of application
  • Real time information
  • Developed by manufacturing-software specialists
  • A customisable solution based on your needs
  • Production control
  • Documentation control
Manufacturing Solutions Process

Our MRP software solution will help you plan your resources with extreme accuracy, by working backwards, deriving resource requirements of forecasted and outstanding orders to meet demands.

Chilli Nova allows you to take control of your processes, it is about working smarter, not harder. Through seamlessly unifying workflow, business departments and processes our manufacturing solutions can help you optimise efficiency, save time and money, drive sales and meet deadlines.

Manufacturing Solutions

Inventory Management

Chilli Nova’s inventory management tools will help your company avoid issues such as redundant material and excess raw materials on hand, and ensure that you always order the appropriate quantities of raw materials. Optimal inventory management and economical ordering improves cash flow., and reduces associated inventory storage costs.

Production Planning

Accurately plan production based on the requirements of orders and forecasted sales. Chilli Nova helps you to account for variables and requirements that differ from each size and style. Our MRP software can also help you recognise material shortages, which is useful in work scheduling and planning production around items with enough resources on hand to produce.

Integration and Customer Service

The ease of access to information supported by our manufacturing solutions have the potential to help your staff give the very best customer service. Accurately predict completion and delivery dates for sales representatives to relay to your customers, and be informed about potential delays and shortages.