Five reasons why installing our system will save you money

From pagers and 8-bit computers to smartphones and cloud computing, each new wave of technological innovation puts ears on its predecessors. With every new bit of software or fancy gadget gets introduced to the market, companies are finding innovative ways to use technology to their benefit. Keeping up to date with all the high-tech goodies and gadgets  is no longer optional – nowadays you have to stay one step ahead of the technological curve to give your company the best chance to success.


Manufacturers are hitching a ride on the high-tech train


If you are in the manufacturing industry, installing a robust production management system is your first step to making your business more efficient and streamlined, and importantly, to save money. Here are a few ways in which our system will help you to stretch your Rands further.


1.  Improved Visibilty – By having visibility of all bottlenecks, tasks and resources, work becomes more efficient by Pro-Actively enabling staff.


2.  Reduced stock holding – Through accurate tracking of inventory items, you save
money by preventing over-ordering. You also cut down on time wasted by physically searching for items.


3.  Keeping data organised – Streamlined data sources save money. You know that
information is critical to achieving success, so keeping it organised is a priority. By installing and using production management software, you have instant access to real-time data which is stored in an organised way. This gives you the opportunity to readjust your goals according to the information at hand. It reduces inventory, improves resource management and gives you the ability to achieve improved strategic alignment.


4.  Improved Processes – Money may be lost when processes are in place but not
working. And we all know that out of sight is often out of mind. By making processes more visible, it will become easier to spot flaws.


5.  Automated Notifications – Through daily emails you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. You will be able to see critical overdue items and processes.
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