New Year, New Processes – Make Data Integrity a Priority

New Year, New Processes – Make Data Integrity a Priority

Because of the leaps made in technology over the past couple of decades, everyone everywhere is being bombarded with data every day. But what is data? Data is pretty much just information – or is there more to it?


Data is Valuable

These days data is one of the most valuable assets of any company. Think about it, the data contained within your company databases plays several roles, for example:


  •      Assisting with enterprise decision making
  •       Building efficiency
  •       Improving resource utilisation and allocation
  •       Business performance management
  •       Customer and partner satisfaction management
  •       And most importantly – boosting revenue!

And this, is why data integrity is vital to your business.


What Data Integrity Means, How to Maintain it

Simply put, data integrity means that your data is accurate and reliable. It should also have structure and be safely stored. Here are some tips to implement a data governance plan with the goal of achieving optimum data integrity:


  •       Clearly define who is responsible for the data throughout its lifecycle
  •       Use quality systems and processes to manage data
  •       Regular backups are vital – remember a good backup is one that has been tested through a restore process
  •       Define how data changes, both intentional and accidental, will be dealt with
  •       Train staff on data integrity principles and how to manage data
  •       Implement systems that identify and minimise potential data integrity risks

By installing an effective MRP system like Shoepack, your data can be securely and effectively managed with ease. Talk to us about your company’s unique needs.

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