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With a fast-paced society forever looking to grow, a large number of organisations have needed to take control of their business through comprehensive software solutions that cover everything from raw materials to the finished product. The question essentially lies on which software you think is best to take your business to where it needs to be. With Shoepack implemented into your business, you are not only promised complete support of the entire footwear manufacturing life cycle, you are also promised management of sized items at every level. Let’s take an in-depth look at what Shoepack can truly do for you and your organisation.


Raw Materials
A fully integrated management control system allows you to take control of your raw materials, giving you the ability to store materials based on size and define unique units of measure. What’s more, they can be stored at standard cost or at weighted average.


With Shoepack, you get the option to classify your orders as standard purchases, as work orders, and you have the ability to email orders directly from the system to the supplier – saving you time and money. Users will also benefit from the ability to access a complete history of order amendments, comprehensive goods receiving, quality and release management, claims and returns support.


Production Planning
In production planning, our software solution offers user-defined factories and factory lines with the ability to check material availability before finalising the day plan. It also provides you with a work ticket system with flexible ticket sizes per line, partial order planning support, and the option to combine orders on single tickets.


Work in Progress
Implementing Shoepack allows the user to obtain a comprehensive view of Work in Progress with valuation. Shoepack has integrated the Work in Progress to have a fully traceable system recovery, support with barcode printing and scanning, ticket adjustments and scanning with detailed enquiries on Work in Progress and bottlenecks.


Shoepack provides you with a full inventory management system that covers the creation of raw materials, subassemblies and finished goods, along with user-defined stock types, size ranges, units of measure and more. Users will have the ability to complete audit trails of stock transactions and take advantage of multiple stock valuation methods.


Finished Goods & Deliveries
When it comes to finished goods and deliveries, Shoepack provides you with extensive stock holding facilities, delivery note and invoice generation as well as the ability to email delivery notes and invoices from the system. This system also caters for consolidated delivery notes per invoice.


Shoepack gives the users the ability to create a variety of different order classifications; forecast order, make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-stock (MTS). Orders support agents and commissions, as well as discount and loyalty programs. Users are able to email orders directly from the system. Users also have access to a complete history of order amendments.


For an organised and easily managed business, call us on 0‌31 8‌18 0‌370  and book a free, non-obligational demo with Shoepack.

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