Why Use Industry Specific Software?

When it comes to shopping for software that will allow you to take control of your business, industry specific software remains one of the best options for several reasons. Let’s look at the benefits that come with using a fully integrated management control system designed for your business


Keep Up With the Competition
The motivation for companies opting for industry specific software is the functionality and added benefits that most off the shelf packages do not offer. Most companies are already taking advantage of this outside-the-box solution, which essentially means that your competitors could be solving problems that your company is still battling with.


Less for More
Software for the footwear industry caters for sized finished products as well as raw materials. This ultimately means that you can have a single product/material code for all sizes of that product/material, effectively decluttering your master data. What’s more, you will also experience reduced costs of programming as it is generally cheaper than trying to modify an off-the-shelf package.


Software That Understands Your Needs
Off-the-shelf software uses generic layouts and design that make it difficult to integrate into an industry such as footwear which has unique requirements. Remember, industry specific software is developed by a team that understands your business. Lasts, Stock Categories, Components, and other industry specific items are configurable. Work in Progress (WIP) tracking, of both the upper and bottom unit, are fully tracked within the system. You can also specify routings for the units uniquely for each style.


A System to Do It All
Industry specific software also offers multi-level BOMs, which essentially means that sub-assemblies, lamination, embroidery and yield by size can be included. All aspects of purchasing and receiving should cater for sized materials. A well-defined system must also deal with all types of sales orders, for example:


  • Make-to-order (MTO),
  • Make-to-stock (MTS),
  • Forecast orders,
  • Sample orders,
  • Development orders.


These are just a few of the multitude of reasons why industry specific software is integral to your business.


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